What’s the process for developing a great article headline

Developing a great article headline requires a process that involves brainstorming, refining, and testing. Here are the steps you can follow to develop a great article headline:


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: A system for creating great article headlines

KEY TAKE AWAY:  Write better headlines


READ TIME:  1 minute

NEXT STEP:  Send to your circle of influence, Send to targeted media, Track results, respond to feedback

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Identify your audience:

Before you start brainstorming headlines, identify your target audience and understand what topics or issues they care about. This will help you create a headline that resonates with them.

Brainstorm ideas:

Start by brainstorming a list of potential headlines. Don’t worry about making them perfect at this stage, just focus on generating as many ideas as possible. Use a tool like a mind map or list to organize your ideas.

Refine your ideas:

Once you have a list of potential headlines, start refining them by evaluating each one for clarity, specificity, and relevance to your target audience. Eliminate any headlines that are too vague or misleading.

Test your headlines:

Once you have a shortlist of potential headlines, test them to see which ones perform best. This can be done through split testing, where you use different headlines for the same article and track which one generates the most clicks or engagement.

Choose the best headline:

Based on your testing, choose the headline that performs best and use it for your article. Remember to keep track of which headlines perform well, as this will help you develop better headlines in the future.

Refine and optimize:

After your article is published, continue to monitor your headline’s performance and make adjustments if necessary. You can also use data analytics tools to track engagement and clicks to identify areas for improvement.