Website Project Checklist


In order to make sure your new website project goes smoothly, I created these forms and checklists for everything we’re going to do.

If there are areas that don’t apply to your particular website, that’s okay we can always skip things or put them on a list for later updates or makeovers down the road.

At any time you feel a little overwhelmed or would rather communicate over the phone about something, I am completely available to you. See below For A Link To My Calendar

Let’s dive in and get your new site live!

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New Account Setup

Collect and set up New Client Accounts in Brainstorm International, LLC Systems


New Website Project Collection

Collect information to be used to complete the new website


About Your Company

We need a little information so we know what’s important for your client’s to know about you.


Style & Purpose Survey

If you have a vision for what you want your website to look like and do for you it will help in the overall design process.


The Project Full Timeline

This Will Give You A Timeline For When Things Are Suppose To Happen Throughout The Website Development Process. Of Course, We Are Flexible On Areas But The Closer We Follow The Timeline The Quicker We Can Finish & Launch Your New Website.


New Account Setup

Our first step is to collect and set up your New Client Accounts in our Brainstorm International, LLC Systems

New Website Project Collection

The next step is to collect information to be used to complete the new website. These are things related to your domain, third-party integrations, social media, etc that connect and pertain to your site’s usability.

About Your Company

This survey will help us know more about you and who you work with. When we buidling your user-experience and site flow it will make it more efficient for visitors and for sharing your story.

The Style & Purpose Of Your Website

Style and purpose are all about generating an emotional connection with your visitors. We also want to make sure your website reflects your brand identity.

The Website Design Timeline


  • Collect Business Account Information
  • Collect Website Project Information
  • Collect Relevant Company/Client Information
  • Determine the Look and Feel For The Website
  • Setup Your Account & Invoice For The Whole Project
  • Depending On The Scope of Your Project, We Will Need To Collect between 25%-50% Deposit Of the Site Cost Up Front Unless Other Arrangements Have Been Made.


  • Setup The Website Hosting Using A Temporary Domain or The Client’s Domain
  • Design The Home Page With Input from The Client and Style Survey
        • We can either use client-provided art and content
        • or Use our own vast library of licensed art with content areas held by fake content
        • The client has the choice to use our art for the final site or substitute their own high-resolution art in places or throughout


Review The Site Design With the Client

  • What Do We Need To Change, if Anything
  • Make Necessary Changes and Review a Second Time
  • Approval of Design


Begin Building Internal Pages Using The Approved Concept as A Guide

  • The client Has 24/7 Access To Oversee the Development and Can Send Input Whenever They See Something That Needs Changed or Just A Quick Approval “Looks Great”
  • Once All The Pages Are Complete We Will Walkthrough The Whole Site with The Client
  • Make Necessary Changes and Substitutions on Each Page From Directives From The Client
  • Substitute Any Fake Content Areas For Client Content or Created Content
  • Make Sure All Third-Party Links, Embeds, and Widgets Are Added And Functioning Correctly


Schedule A Final Walkthrough Of the Whole Site Making Minor Changes Along the Way

  • Final Approval and Close Out of The Project
  • If We Are Using A Temporary Domain
    • We will access the client’s domain registrar and change the DNS setting for the new hosting servers
    • Make a backup of the entire website and save offline
    • Upload the new site using the client’s domain
    • Make sure all the pages and links are functioning correct after the conversion
  • Setup Monthly Hosting and Maintenance Plan For Ongoing Support
  • Collect the Balance of the Project Upon Final Approval.

Your website is complete. Now What?

There are many ways to market your website. Like a brick-and-mortar business, if you don’t tell people about it and show them where it is, they won’t know you exist. There are lots of ways to educate people on how to find you online.


    • Word of Mouth (Tell people)
    • Add your web address to Print Pieces with a description of why they need to visit
    • Add something to your social media conversations to get people interested
    • Advertise your new website on Google, it’s cheaper than you think
    • Send an email to your Circle of Influence telling them how excited you are to have your new website
    • Add something about your Website to tour email marketing campaigns
    • Have A QR Code created that provides a quick link to your site for business cards, cellphones, and other ways to share it
    • Update your listing with your new site information on the top 30-50 online directories and trade sites that give you free listing

Continue these routines as you offer new information on your website or related to your website. There are many articles on this site related to digital marketing, SEO, and website engagement. 

We also offer a subscription to a 52-week marketing action plan that provides something every week to grow your business, many utilizing the convenience, flexibility, and affordability of incorporating your website into the strategy.



The Business Grow System is a series of weekly action steps along with educational material, support tools, and brand-building exercises. The system will put you on a direct path to your business goals.

With LITE SUPPORT you’ll also receive as part of your monthly plan:

    • Weekly email motivation and accountability reminders along with links to the weekly action plan and any notes associated with getting the most out of that week’s plan and any updates to the system.
    • Monthly Website Performance Report
    • Monthly Keyword Trending Report
    • Monthly Content Subjects Report For Engaging With Your Growing Audience


The Business Grow System is a series of weekly action steps along with educational material, support tools, and brand-building exercises. The system will put you on a direct path to your business goals.

With FULL SUPPORT you’ll receive everything from LITE SUPPORT PLUS:

    • Multiple weekly engagement opportunities to help you meet your weekly goals.
    • Help you define your target audience and development strategy
    • Guided discussion on the monthly website performance report
    • Guided discussion on monthly keyword trending report
    • Guided discussion on monthly content subjects report
    • Monthly mastermind call to go over objectives, goals, and successes
    • Email marketing support for monthly subscribers.
    • Email marketing support for lead capture
    • Monthly landing page design for problem-solving lead generation
    • Content creation for weekly blog posts focused on keyword strategy
    • Custom brand design templates for various social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
    • Custom brand design pieces for supporting action plan activities