What are micro-conversions: List of 30 Micro-conversion Actions

Micro-conversions refer to smaller, incremental steps that potential customers take during the sales process. These actions may not directly lead to a sale, but they indicate progress and engagement.



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Increase Content Exposure & Engagement

KEY TAKE AWAY:  Expand your reach and audience


READ TIME:  1 minute

NEXT STEP:  Track results, follow up with contacts, respond to feedback

CATEGORY: Content Engagement

HASHTAGS:  #contentengagement


Here is a list of 30 micro-conversions that can occur during the sales process:

  1. Opening an email from the sales team.
  2. Clicking on a link within an email or newsletter.
  3. Visiting the company’s website.
  4. Navigating to a specific product or service page.
  5. Engaging with a chatbot or virtual assistant on the website.
  6. Requesting a product demo or free trial.
  7. Filling out a contact form.
  8. Subscribing to a company’s blog or newsletter.
  9. Following the company on social media platforms.
  10. Liking or sharing a social media post about the product or service.
  11. Watching a product video or tutorial.
  12. Reading customer reviews or testimonials.
  13. Participating in a webinar or online event.
  14. Joining a loyalty program or rewards system.
  15. Downloading a whitepaper, e-book, or case study.
  16. Adding items to a wishlist or shopping cart.
  17. Requesting a quote or pricing information.
  18. Signing up for a free consultation or assessment.
  19. Engaging in live chat with a sales representative.
  20. Participating in a survey or feedback form.
  21. Visiting a physical store or showroom.
  22. Requesting samples or product samples.
  23. Attending a trade show or industry event.
  24. Revisiting the website or returning to the store multiple times.
  25. Saving or bookmarking a product or service for later.
  26. Following a referral link or recommendation from a friend.
  27. Using a discount code or coupon.
  28. Completing a product configuration or customization.
  29. Providing personal information for personalized offers.
  30. Requesting references or contacting existing customers.

These micro-conversions help sales teams gauge customer interest, engagement, and intent, allowing them to tailor their approach and move prospects closer to making a purchase decision.

Remember, social media is a public platform, so make sure your request is respectful and appropriate for the wider audience. Here’s an example of how you could structure your social media request: