The Collaborative Power of Micro-Communities

How the shared resources of individuals in a micro-community benefit the whole group



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Explain the benefits of collaboration in a micro-community

KEY TAKE AWAY:  Through shared resources and shared effort the group accomplishes more


READ TIME:  2 minutes 15 seconds

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CATEGORY: Micro-communities

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TEAM – Together everyone accomplishes more.

In business, it’s difficult to think outside ourselves. We have so much going on that we don’t have time to stop a take stock of what’s actually being done. Our problems are our problems to solve and that’s just part of the work we’ve chosen to do. Unless we have an unlimited budget, there are many things we can’t get to that we wish we could.

I think there may be an easier and more productive way to do it.

Micro-communities are built around a tribal practice. Each person in the tribe is tasked with doing their part for the community. They are specialists at what they do and it’s up to them to teach others moving up the ranks how to do those specific tasks. Everyone works together because that’s how they survive.

When we collaborate with others we get different perspectives and accumulate ideas and build relationships. When we collaborate in a structured environment, we get tons accomplished in far less time than if we were to do it alone.

Accumulate Solutions:

If 100 people had one idea to share on a given problem and a system were in place to review those ideas for the best solution. Everyone who had that problem would have the solution or several solutions.