Thank you for your referral!

We’re excited to work with you.

Referral passthrough

Here Is What To Expect

No matter what kind of referral this is:

  • A One Time Lead
  • A Pass-Through RP Referral
  • A White-Label RP Referral
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Let's Connect

We start the process the same way. We want to have a conversation with you about the person you’re referring to us. We need to get a little background and understand their situation as well as how you know them and how you want to be involved with the project.

We can do this by Zoom, Phone, or Email. Whichever you think is best.

We will email you a calendar invite so we can schedule something that works. If you simply want to share the details in an email or if you’ve already given the details in your form submission, that’s fine too. Just let us know.

We want this experience to be simple and informative for both you and your referral. We don’t want to waste your time or misinterpret what your referral needs or your role in this project.

We look forward to working with you.


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Do you want to be a White-Label or Pass-Through RP

If so, reply to my email when it arrives that you want to discuss the possibility of becoming a White-Label or Pass-Through Referral Partner and we can discuss that when we talk about this new opportunity.

[expect an email soon from Chris Trezise]