Hosting Is The Computer Service That Allows People to See Your Website.

Cloud Virtual Private Servers

  • A worry-free / tech-free website hosting setup process is completed on your behalf.
  • Each site has its own cPanel for complete customization capabilities
  • Everything is compatible with multiple browsers, mobile, and PC and Mac users.
  • Hosting includes an SSL certificate to make sure your website is secure for your visitors and customers.
  • Daily website updates and maintenance to ensure the servers and each website has the latest software and security updates.
  • Routine backups of each website on our servers for peace of mind that your valuable data will always be there when you need it.

Website Maintenance Included. If you need an update to your site, just send me an email and I’ll get it completed in a timely manner (usually within 12 to 24hours).

If you are a blogger or want your own access to your site, I can set you up with a user name and password, no problem.

If you want a copy of your website, we can create a backup for you to keep offline.


Hosting & Maintenance Is $40/mth

on auto-recurring payments.