Conquering Fear and Procrastination 003

As part of a series in “Getting Started & Getting Things Done” These are just a collection of thoughts, activities, and ideas to HELP get you over the hurdle of fear and procrastination.



PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Get past fear and procrastination

KEY TAKE AWAY:  Do something, action can make the task less frightening and action creates excitement


READ TIME:  30 seconds

NEXT STEP:  Implement a strategy and see if it works

CATEGORY: Getting Started

HASHTAGS:  procastinationbuster


Procrastination Busters

  • Accountability – get a buddy
  • Break it down to daily tasks
  • Evaluate your why – why does this matter – write a press release on the idea, how will this idea change lives?
  • Has the idea been on your plate for more than a month
  • Let the idea percolate for a set time and then (YES or NO) Do it or take it off your plate forever – or modify the idea into something new that you will do now.
  • Address the Fear
  • Make it fun, exciting, or an event to get the ball rolling
  • Post a public start date with your press release – asking for engagement (can you identify with this…)


Don’t Forget – Celebrate overcoming a challenge.