I have nine courses that I think are very important for all small business owners to know and apply to their marketing strategy. Which ones are most important to you? Please email me @ I want to know.

Creating Directory Listings

One of the easiest ways to get your business online is through online directory listings. By creating a consistent profile on TOP ONLINE DIRECTORIES, you can get a jumpstart on your digital marketing efforts in very little time.

Understanding The Role of Content

Your digital marketing strategy is all about content. Having a clear understanding of how to use content to grow your business is critical.


Understanding Keywords

In this course, we will give you a breakdown of how to determine what keywords to use in your content strategy and why these keywords are important to your audience.


What is Batching?

One of the most effective ways to accomplish more in less time and better quality is through batching. We will go through batching exercises and show you ways to introduce batching in all areas of your life.


What The Heck's A Backlink?

Let’s talk about backlinking. This exercise is a great way to build credibility, referral sources, additional online exposure to your brand, and more. That’s why it matters so much.



Having the right mindset when you look for collaborating partners will help you build relationships that can last a lifetime.


The Roles of Social Media Channels

Why are social channels important. What are my options with social media?


Developing An Audience

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about combining your knowledge and skill into a vehicle that changes lives for the better.


The Importance of Reviews

A missing part of your marketing strategy is asking the important questions. Are you satisfied with my work? What can I do better? What would you like to see added to your experience?